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obvious: [ 'ɔbviəs, -vjəs ] 明显的,显而易见的 词形变化: 副词:obviously 名词:obviousness

意思都含"明显的". evident多用于推理及抽象的事,指"明显的"。 obvious多用于指"容易知道或发现,无须解释或证明的"的事。 apparent多用于指"一目了然的"的事,或者"思想上容易理解的"的事。 apparent 例句: He is very unhappy, and it is ap...

联系见1,区别见2 :) apparent and obvious 1. 牛津将apparent解释为obvious,,说明两个词没本质区别都是,easy to see,understand etc. 美国传统词典更是,用 Synonym同意字来说这两个词 但剑桥的解释则认为apparent是able to see,而obvio...

1、clear:强调不拖泥带水Please give me a clear answer. 请给我一个清楚的答案。 2、obvious:一般性的用法In this example, the contradiction is obvious. 在这个例子中,矛盾是明显的。 3、apparent:显然的;表面上的This is an apparent exc...

曲名:Obvious 歌手:Westlife 专辑:Turnaround Shane: Yeah, ooooh... We started as friends But something happened inside me Now I'm reading into everything But there's no sign you really like me, baby Yeah, ooooh... We started a...

这两个都 表示很显然...It's quite obvious that he's lying.Obviously,you did't read it.至于选那个就无所谓了.

B 词义辨析题。A. look around 环视 B. look through 浏览 C. look up查阅D. look into 调查 “帮我浏览一下论文看看有没有明显的错误”“好的”根据语境选B


oblivious 歌:Kalafina 作词/作编曲:梶浦由记 剧场版 空の境界 第一章「俯瞰风景」 ED 本当(ほんとう)は空(そら)を飞(と)べると知(し)っていたから hontou wa sora wo to beruto shitteitakara 羽(は)ばたくときが怖(こわ)くて风(...


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