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I have a little civet cats, which is installed in a small red boots. A small head lazy ocean in boots. A short small arms on the boot mouth. A small mouth, small eyes half closed. Pink face exposed sweet smile. 

I am Lucy,I like collecting toy cars.It is interesting,and I can share them with my friends.How fun the collecting is!

Hi, I am Sally.My favourite toy is my lovely bear.It is very cute.It has brown and tender fur.I always sleep with it.It is my good friend.I play with it after school.I like it very much.

When I was a small child my family lived in the village It was just after the war and many usually made our own toys or we played with the animals or insects around our house We looked for crickets or snakes during the summer a...

My younger brother's favorite toy is small car.我弟弟最喜欢的玩具是小汽车

你好! 我喜欢的玩具 My favorite toy

一、题目 俗话说“题好一半文”,一个好题目,等于是一篇好作文的开端,题目要新颖,与众不同才能引人注目! 二、开头、结尾 文章的开头是龙头,结尾则是凤尾。开头多种多样,一旦想出好开头,笔头的文思就会源源流出。常见开头有以下几种:1、开门...

My favorite play toy is skateboard. It is composed of two aluminum plates, two wheels and a stainless steel iron pipe. Stainless steel iron pipe is used to connect together two pieces of aluminum wheels are used to press on an ...

我的玩具小汽车在哪儿 Where is my toy car 我的玩具小汽车在哪儿 Where is my toy car

My favourite toy is a teddy bear. It is brown. It has big eyes, a small mouth and a short tail. It’s lovely!I play with it afteir school. I often carry it when I go to bed. If I hug it, I feel very comfortable. And then I can s...

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