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我有了玩具小汽车,我有着童心的爸爸也买了一辆玩具小汽车。妈妈看到我俩都有小汽车,嫉妒恨啊,居然也去买了一辆,并且比我和爸爸的大多了。气愤气愤…… 人物可以换

你有一个玩具汽车吗 Do you have a toy car 你有一个玩具汽车吗 Do you have a toy car

little toy car

中:那是什么?它是一个玩具汽车。 英:What's that? It's a toy car.

toy car [轻] 玩具车

玩具汽车 toy car 汽车模型 model car

it is an orange toy car

I have a toy car, my mother when I was 4 years old birthday gave me. It is wrapped in a plastic camouflage armor, like a soldier to fight. I remember once, I was criticized by the teacher in the school, I went home to be come d...

I have one toy car here, I own one toy car here,

一辆玩具汽车 A toy car 一辆玩具汽车 A toy car

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