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be加形容词/形容词化的分词构成系表结构作谓语。 he 主语 was amazed谓语 at 介词 how efficient.....宾语从句

非谓语动词练习 —— 高一英语试题 动 名 词 专 项 练 习 1. It took the workmen only two hours to finish ________ my car. A. repairing B.repair C.to repair D.repaired 2. It’s no good ________ over split milk. A. to cry B.crying C.cr...

17his help句子中充当宾语,宾语是is后的一句话,-made sucess possible缺少主语,在ABCD句子中只有what可以充当。来引导句子,it在整条句子中可以使用主语当在宾语充当主语中不能使用 18、is前是主语,主语是一个完整的句子,主谓宾齐全,而引...

C be dressed How is sb dressed

一、从A、B、C、D 中找出其划线部分与其他单词划线部分读音不同的选项。 〔 〕1. A. where B. care C. air D. were 〔 〕2. A. shout B. about C. south D. group 〔 〕3. A. party B. young C. yes D. year 〔 〕4. A. whose B. why C. when D....

My leg muscles 是正确的

143, information。more 后用名词,不可数,不能加s。

你好,很高兴为你解答。 保证正确率~! 正确答案是: 一、 1 business 2 stomach 3 burning 4 college 5 simple 6 properly 7 lazy 8 seeing 9 yearning 10 except 二、 1 didn't until 2 depend too much on 3 so that 4 what to do 5 don't at...

1, The next ( morning he had a terrible headache. ) 2, So ( he went to Doctor Yau’s clinic. )

mile:1个音节 video:3个音节 capital:3个音节 fridge:1个音节 million:2个音节 balcony:3个音节 square:1个音节 invite:2个音节 double:2个音节 September:3个音节 today:2个音节 tomato:3个音节 message:2个音节 about:2个音节 f...

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